Apartment Moving Shepherdsville

Apartment Moving Shepherdsville, KY

You’ve spent months scouring apartment listings online, hunting tirelessly for the best apartment for the best price. You’ve finally landed the perfect deal and signed the lease. Now the only thing standing between you and the next chapter of your life is the moving process. Moving is already stressful to begin with, and moving into or out of an apartment or condo presents its own unique set of challenges. Move in/out deadlines, narrow corridors, stairs, elevators reservations, and loading docks can make the task of apartment moving even more daunting than your typical move. Don’t let the hassle of moving into an apartment or condo diminish your excitement to move in the first place.

At ILS Relocation, we believe that moving into your dream apartment should be straightforward, exciting, and fun from start to finish. This is why we are proud to offer full-scale apartment moving services in Shepherdsville.


Even when using an expert moving company like ILS Relocation, there are a lot of things to consider when moving into an apartment or condo. Here are a few tips for making your move to your new apartment a success:

  • Do your research: Make sure you understand your apartment or condo complex’s instructions or rules for moving in so you know what to do the day of your move.
  • Measure: Make sure the front door, apartment door, inside doors, elevators, and all relevant hallways can accommodate the moving of your furniture.
  • Pack early: If you’re self-packing, don’t wait until the last minute to pack! Do a little each day, starting with art, books and movies, and any off–season items.
  • Stay organized: Label all of your boxes with the proper room so you can save time and frustration when unpacking.
  • Don’t pack your essentials: Prepare a separate suitcase or tote bag with essentials, including important papers, which you can access immediately the day of your move.

If you need assistance with apartment moving in the Shepherdsville, KY area, contact us today for your free estimate!